Enrollment for Fearless Florals® only opens once a year and is currently closed. Enrollment opens in Spring, 2025.

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Fearless Florals has been taken by hundreds of students from around the world. In the course, Melanie walks you through how to create gorgeous floral paintings that are unique to you.  The course includes over  8 1/2 hours of video instruction, six live Q&A sessions and a private Facebook group. Enrollment is open!

“I’ve taken so many online courses and Fearless Florals is truly one of the best of the best. I give it a million stars.”

Uma – Austin, TX

I have progressed more in the past six weeks taking Fearless Florals, than I have in the three years of self-guided learning.”

Kerri – Debica, Poland

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Enrollment for Fearless Landscapes™ opens Fall 2024

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In Fearless Landscapes™, Melanie will walk you step by step through how to create beautiful landscape paintings while knocking fear out of the way.  The course includes over twelve hours of video instruction, six live Q&A sessions and a private Facebook group. Join the waitlist (at no obligation) and receive a free lesson on how to take landscape photos you’ll be excited to paint.

“I have taken a lot of online art classes this was my favorite and most useful. I looked forward to it each week and was so sad when it was over. I learned so much valuable information!

Amy – Santa Cruz, CA

Absolutely the very best painting class I have ever taken! Melanie is an awesome instructor!”

Sue – McKinney, TX

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Fearless Florals® Online Participant Comments

The course exceeded my expectations….Melanie is an excellent teacher who is generous with her knowledge and support. The course is well constructed, user friendly and takes you step by step to a finished painting. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an accomplished artist”  

Ruth – Cork, Ireland

I don’t mean to exaggerate but the course changed my life! Gave me purpose and direction in this difficult pandemic time. It helped me reconnect with my art practice in a new way that wasn’t stressful or fearful. Something I loved about your course was that it gave me confidence in my skill set so that I could let loose and have fun with expression. The classes were workable but expansive… little steps added up to a whole new approach. It really changed the game for me to learn how to paint from real flowers in front of me, mix better colors and learn how to use dull vs bright. 

Chelsea – Woodstock, CT

“I just loved every minute of it. I draw more detailed florals so to do this really pushed me to think differently. I enjoyed the FB live sessions and how Melanie answered questions and engaged with us in the FB group. This course was one of my highlights of 2020!” 

Christina – Chicago, IL

“Worth the investment. Melanie is very clear and helpful in getting someone started down a successful path in painting.”

Anna – Colorado Springs, CO

“The course opened a world of color possibilities through the color-mixing exercises. This alone made the course worthwhile, but there was so much more. Through Melanie’s encouraging teaching style and a logical set of steps, she demystified the process of painting from life. With the tools, techniques, and set-up I learned, I went into the course feeling like a dabbler and I came out feeling like an aspiring artist.”

Donna – Kensington, MD

“Definitely do it! I think anyone, from beginner to expert, will learn new techniques!  I appreciate Melanie’s kind and encouraging manner! I have taken classes from some real divas in the past!” 

Sally – Saint Simons Island, GA

“You will learn so much about sketching, painting and finishing a floral. Melanie is a great hands-on teacher. The Facebook group Q&A is invaluable. This is as close to an in-person class as I have ever taken online. Melanie is the kindest teacher I have experienced in-person or online.”

Judy – Winchester, VA

“This was my year to develop myself as an artist, really kick in to discovering my style and start exhibiting and selling. I’ve been teaching kids art whilst my family was growing and although I loved this, I was ready for a new challenge. I just needed help stepping over the threshold though. This course has done that. I feel like Melanie has taken my hand and led me over that step and I’m on the brink of something I’ve wanted to I my whole life. I was brought up to believe that art was hobby and not something you did as a career. I’m so glad this is not the case even if it’s taken me until my 50’s to discover this.” 

Nicola – Sydney, NSW Australia

“If you want to learn from someone who is a consummate teacher, cares deeply about her students’ successes, and will truly walk you step-by-step through her process – sharing absolutely everything, then sign up immediately!” 

Alexis – Philadelphia, PA

“The color mixing lessons and exercises were a big game changer for me. I especially love the fact that I can apply them to any type of paint I use. I also really enjoyed the challenge of painting in a looser style and was able to begin to get over some of my control issues!” 

Colleen – Bothell, WA

You teach like I am sitting in your studio and we are friends that share this love of painting.  You have a gift and your Southern charm is calming and assuring and quite welcome especially now when everyone’s world is turned upside down.”

Marlene – Sturgeon Bay, WI

Loved the class and the fact that you encouraged us to develop our own style and not copy other artists.  I am self-taught and have developed my own style over the years and the class enabled me to enhance my style by mixing colors -looking at my flower arrangements in a different light and letting the base coat show through to create interest.”

Erin – Costa Mesa, CA

Worth the time and money! Extremely organized and packed with information.  I think it is great for painters of any level. The emphasis on color mixing was amazing and why I fell in love with painting again. I have taken other online painting classes and really loved your format.  Clean, easy to follow, and to the point.  My time is super limited and your class was perfect!” 

Andrea – Atlanta, GA

This course has been a game changer for me and no matter your level, there is lots to learn from her course. Melanie is a fabulous teacher as well as a wonderful artist!” 

Mary Ann – Douglasville, GA

“Melanie is a great teacher.  The course was very well organized and presented in a professional manner. Take it!!!!! Everyone can learn something!!!” 

Cynthia – Raleigh, NC

The course is worth every penny I have spent. I enjoyed the modules and the Facebook group. I especially want to thank you for the Facebook Live sessions. It was invaluable to be able to ask you questions and have your video response. I have returned to those session repeatedly for information and help.”

Judy – Warrenton, VA

“Your teaching style, mannerisms, and genuine desire to help us was so nice Melanie.  Might sound nuts but I feel like I could walk into your studio and it would be like seeing a friend that was an artist rather than meeting intimidating artist that was unapproachable.”

Deborah – Ooltewah, TN

“Melanie doesn’t hold back – she gives her honest opinion and expert advice. Take it! It’s worth every penny!” 

Sadaf – Edinburgh, Scotland